Safee Tracking - Case Study

Safee Tracking– Fleet Management System

Safee tracking covers the subset of applications provided by Safee Web Application. These applications are quite useful for a company that is running a fleet management system and managing drivers.

Users who have a profound network of drivers working under the umbrella of a particular company can use the app to track their vehicles and monitor driver performance, too. Multiple applications are working right now giving safe, quicker, and reliable tracking services with the alarming system and a lot of other features.


The Problem

For any company that is offering driving services, it is never easy to keep track of all the fleets along
with the performance of the drivers. Moreover, tracking the cars through hardware devices can also be a trouble. The company is looking for a solution to monitor all the driver’s performance and offer their driver’s easy way to identify the right path.

The Solution

Digital Hub Sol offered them a mobile application with robust features; the features add more value to the app. Now, the company managers can monitor their vehicles on the map in realtime or even in the past.
Moreover, they can always find the information on geofences, and alerts make it quicker to take
action in case anything goes wrong. The application also provides the facility to search for vehicles and get a complete insight and view of their related trips, alarms, and path history.
Further, the solution has much-needed push notifications to keep the user notified of current

If the user is worried about the driver’s performance, they can always track and gather all the information about the driver. Along with it, users are also enabled to monitor their performance and
related alarms.

If a user intends to generate the subset or modular reports, the app offers it along with the feature of
searching for waybills information. The application is built for multiple users; therefore, it is supported in multiple languages, including Arabic, English, French, and Turkish.

Technology We Used

We developed the tracking application with a hardware device installed in the vehicle for the fleet management system by using the Swift and Nodejs. The application is available in both Apple and Android stores.

How did we do it?

The company approached us with the requirements. We suggested the technologies and formed the budget plan. Once we had the company approval, our swift and node js developers worked together to deliver the bespoke quality of the application for the tracking system.