Easy Quran - Case Study

Easy Quran- Making the Holy Book Easy to Read for All

Arabic learning is an app for people to recite the Quran anytime, anywhere and learn Arabic. The app  comes in handy for beginners too. It has highlighted the words of the Quran Majeed with the beautiful colors. 

This Easy Quran Majeed and Arabic Learning app will help its users to learn Arabic and read Al Quran in English easily and interestingly with audio and video clips lessons. By learning Arabic, the user can understand the Quran even better and then has a grasp on the various and much-needed information


The App aims to reach out to as many people as possible. We are talking about the ones with a passion for learning the Quran and looking for a better understanding of Arabic words. Be it the beginners or the daily Quran readers; it is just easy to use and learn.

The Solution

When the company discussed the idea, the DHS was glad to help by compiling all the Quran data and
including all the provided videos to organize it further and make a great learning platform for people.

Features included:

Arabic Learning:

App gives you the option to directly go to the point where you need to Learn Arabic to learn Quran Majeed through advanced search.

Learn Arabic – Listen & identify:

It is the feature to listen first and then identify the correct answer in Quran Kareem.

Perfect pronunciation on the click:

This app allows you to learn Arabic word by word with perfect pronunciation. Arabic learning app helps the learner step by step from the basic alphabet to form words and sentences.

Audio & video learning process:

By listening and watching videos, you can learn and understand the Arabic language.

Record & compare to Learn Arabic & Quran:

Recording your voice in Al Quran English and improve your Arabic learning skills. Users can compare recorded lessons with accurate lessons.

Learn Arabic – Listen & identify:

It is the feature to listen first and then identify the correct answer in Quran Kareem.

Technology We Used

To build this amazing mobile application, we used Android, iPhone (Swift) and Laravel to establish a strong database and offer easy yet functional features for the Quran learners.

How did we do it?

We already had information on the Quran; all we needed was the lessons. Further, it only took our expert developers with brilliant skills on Laravel and Swift to complete the noble mission.