Hire dedicated developers Saving the

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Hire Dedicated
Developers Saving
The BEST for YOU!

Do you need specific requirements for WordPress functionality? DHS
developers are ready to offer the expertise of development beyond your imagination.

Hit Publish only After
Testing By The Experts

A dedicated development team by the DHS is comprised of all the roles
including the UI/UX for you to hire WordPress designers, developers,
testers and business analysts, etc. When you get to work with the whole team, you have a great chance of closing the deals with the hope of potential for growth in your business. If you want the top 1% of the
developers for your startup to develop an exceptional WordPress or any
other website, we have that talent ready to deliver. With the help of our
specialists in WordPress and website developers, you may expand the
custom functions of your company and streamline business operations
with confidence.

Transform your Brand into a Digital Story

Write your own path to success with the best website designing company.

Why Hire Us

  • Affordable Pricing

    We assure you that we'll be inexpensive. Get your projects completed for the lowest possible cost.

  • 24/7 Technical Support

    You won't need to worry about any maintenance related problems when working with us. We're here to help you whenever you need us.

  • Dedicated Resources

    Hire the resources of your choice if needed. In case you want a dedicated team member for a particular project, we can help you with it.

  • Direct contact

    We leave it to you to decide the way you want to build your websites. You can always remain in touch with the developer's team for better clarity.

Our Hiring Process

  • 1. Evaluation of the candidates

    We carry out our own evaluation process by getting deep insights into each of them and making points for better selection.

  • 2. Interview & coding test

    Once the candidate is short listed, the interview is conducted by the senior developers and managers for further evaluation of technical expertise.

  • 3. Selection

    Finally, the candidates have to attend the interview with HR to finalize the terms of employment.

  • 4. Onboarding

    Both parties agree to the same terms and the candidate is welcomed on the team with a proper onboarding process and a warm welcome.

  • 5. Constant Performance Monitoring

    The initial few months are dedicated to the complete monitoring of the performance of developers.

  • 6. Responsiveness Is Our Strong Suit

    Smooth and effective communication is just as important to us as the project itself. You can always rely on us for quick responses.

Ready To Get Started With The Exceptional Team Of Developers?

Whether you need to hire full time web developers of need to hire dedicated PHP developers, we are here to give it all to your success.


When developing websites, our staff is excellent at communicating the necessary business procedures and tasks. And it offers assistance when a task is urgent.

To keep track of daily progress and inform the customer of the status of each work, we use Trello as well as any other project management software that the client prefers.

We hold weekly project conversations and allot time to plan and prepare the agenda before the meeting. We use communication methods and create appropriate reports to offer you an accurate view of your project progress.

For new businesses, we highly recommend WordPress and a WooCommerce solution. It enables clients to manage their websites effectively while performing all required eCommerce tasks. If you hire dedicated Shopify developers with us, you can have your way easily.

DHS provides top-notch, reasonably priced, and incredibly effective WordPress/website developers who rank in the top 1% of developers worldwide. All engineers are chosen after passing a series of demanding tests in which their talents are assessed. Every developer must hold daily standups in order to keep the customer, and themselves focused on the agreed-upon objective.

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