Case Studies – Pharmex Delivory

Pharmex Delivory - Case Study

Pharmex Delivory – An app giving you better and on-time accessibility

Pharmacy is the centric point for maintaining proper healthcare and the distribution center makes medicine more accessible. Just to add some value to this distribution system, we built a mobile application for a Pharmex Delivory. It acts as a distribution center of medicines for people looking to purchase from a pharmacy. 

The company is all about pharmacy items. And, the company’s mission is to deliver and distribute the needed medicine to the surrounding community on time and at any time.

The Problem

Often, the hurdle of purchasing the medicine is walking down the market to drive away and then getting prescribed medicine. This way is not feasible for everyone. Some people either live far away or have a busy home routine.

Moreover, medicine can be an emergency requirement too. Ultimately, the solution was needed. So, people who have less or difficult accessibility to pharmacies get the medications on time.

The Solution

A mobile application for the Pharma distribution center was just the idea. DHS took the challenge to develop the idea and make it a real deal for people. A mobile application with the features such as placing an order or returning all the expired medicines and that too only through a single tap on the phone.

Technology We Used

To add the functionality and make features to the Pharma Distribution System, we used (swift) and
Laravel to make the application compatible with both iOS and Android.

Both of the platforms are not only easy to implement, but they are quicker solutions. Laravel gives us the advantage to work great on the security and responsiveness of the application. On the other hand, SWIFT makes the development faster for the application.

How did we do it?

We worked on the customer persona and gathered all the information relevant to the medicine and pharmacy. 

Further, this whole information helped us develop the application, set the database according to the pharmacy’s inventory and deliver the app with fully functional features, including the way to return all expired medicines.

Moreover, the user interface is quite friendly, and easy navigation makes it easier for almost all ages.

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